10 Free Email Service Providers with 99% Uptime

Internet brought a revolution the world. It made everything just a click away. The introduction of e-mail services was like the cherry on the cake. It made communication effortless. With time, e-mails become the prime mode of communication may it be for personal use or business services. With time new email services were launched and people started shifting their accounts to the providers that offered better facilities. As the competition in the market increased, the service provided offered more and more features to entice the users that in turn were beneficial to the users only. Below we list some of the best service providers.

Top 10 Tourist Places in Toronto You Must Visit

During my last vocations in Toronto, I realized an increase in foreign tourists. I had visited Toronto back in 2014 too, and even though there was rush of tourists at that time too, but the number of tourists this year have increased significantly. So, if you are also one such travel-loving person who is all set to visit Toronto, I have a few suggestions for you regarding the places you must visit in Toronto.

Never Consider These 10 Ideas for Your First Honeymoon

A Honeymoon is a time to spend exclusively with that special someone. This is considering that the honeymoon comes immediately after the wedding. The internet is full of the best honeymoon destinations. What no one will tell you is the place where you should not spend your honeymoon. The following is a list of the places you should not consider going to for your honeymoon:

10. Disneyland

By all means do not take a trip to Disneyland with that special someone for your honeymoon. The worst thing you could do is bringing baggage from your former marriage in the name of children or emotions. This is a time to relax and it should be as exclusive as possible.

9. Colombia

Columbia is considered as one of the most insecure cities in the world. Should you decide to take anyone to Columbia then your mother in law would be the perfect candidate. You may want to reconsider as you may end up with no bride after the trip.

8. Science Museums

You do not want to bore your new wife with your scientific stuff. No matter how interesting you this activity may be, she will not love you more for exposing her to very cold temperatures during the one time she is suppressed to relax and take it easy.

7. Camping

There are couples that are very out door oriented and love adventure but such are very few. Most women would hate to go camping for their honeymoon experience. This is because most girls dream about their weddings all their lives and look forward to nice romantic escapades filled with candle lit dinners not nights out in the cold for adventure.

6. Dangerous Regions

You do not want to expose you new wife to all the danger the world has to offer just days after vowing to love and protect her. Do not just settle for a place because you loved the pictures you saw on Google.

5. Boring Destinations

You may love peaceful places with a quiet boring life but you can be sure your beloved does not feel the same way. Do her a favor and take her to a fun filled place for her honeymoon. This should be fun and exciting so find a place that offers this; after all, you do not get to go on honeymoon every other day.

4. Somewhere only you want to go

It is true that no two people can be identical in likes and preferences. It happens that you are interested in ancient Greek history while the only thing she wants are white sandy beaches. Try and reach some kind of consensus as honeymoons are mainly for women as opposed to men.

3. Some place in your neighborhood

A huge part of going on honeymoon is to get away from it all. This means that you need to go some place far from your usual hectic lifestyle. Taking this vacation some place near home will definitely take the fun out of the experience. So unless your bride wants to go near home, take her away from all the trouble.

2. Anywhere you are not going to solely enjoy your honeymoon.

If you are the kind of man who is always on business trips, you may be tempted to combine your business commitments with the honeymoon. You should know that this is very unromantic as you have just gotten married and should give your spouse all the attention.

1. Anywhere with your in laws

Crazy as it may sound; there are men who think it is fun to bring their parents or other family along for the honeymoon vacation. The whole idea is exclusivity, as such; whatever you do you should make sure that the vacation is private and relaxing.

10 Personality Qualities That Make you Attractive

As much as girls hate to talk about boys much that they always wine when boys are close. There are things in men they love in men but they can’t talk about them not to be seen desperate. girls may come with many things that they hate about boys due to some reasons best known to them some hate that men love sports much, some say that men are not faithful, some don’t just understand the men intentions with them. With all this in mind there are things a woman will never tell you but he likes about any man he sees with such qualities.

Top 10 General Choices Every Girl Must Know

There some things girls do that don't impress men at all but men decide to keep silent. Men don't want to piss of girls they love so they cannot tell them the things they do that are not appealing to them. If you are a girl then this article is your Lucky Lamp which will tell you what are things you must know about Men and Boys for better relationship. Try to follow maximum points to make your Love more stronger and deeper.

World's 10 Largest Islands Attractions for Tourists

Islands are the perfect holiday destinations. They offer you the pleasure of the beaches as well as the delights of the blue-green waters. One can do so much on an island. If you are in a complete holiday mood you can just rest on the beach or take a stroll. You can enjoy playing the different water sports or explore the underwater life. Below we list the top ten islands of the world that are larger than either 25,000 kilometers or 97,000 miles in area.

10. Ellesmere Island:

The island is situated in country of Canada which is a part of Qikiqtaaluk region of the Nunavut. It also considered as the part of the Queen Elizabeth Islands. It is the tenth largest island in the world and is covered with ice all over. The island has an area of 196,236 kilometer square and 75,767 square miles.

9. Great Britain:

The islands are situated on the north western part of the Europe. It the ninth largest island in the world and is surrounded by a number of other small islands. It also has its place in the world’s most populated islands at the third spot and covers an area of 209,331 kilometer squares and 80,823 square miles.

8. Victoria Island:

The Island is in Canada and lies next to the Nunavut and North-West territories of Canada. It is the second largest island in Canada and is only slightly larger than the Great Britain Islands. The islands are spread over an area of 217,291 kilometer square and 83,897 square miles.

7. Honshu:

The Japanese island, is the largest island of Japan that is situated at Hokkaido across the Tsugaru Strait from the South side, Shikoku across the island sea from the North side and Kyushu across the Kanmon Strait on the North-East side. In the list of the most populated islands it secures the second spot just above Great Britain. It covers an area of 225,800 kilometer square and 87,182 square miles.

6. Sumatra:

The sixth largest island in the world, Sumatra is situated in the western side of Indonesia. It is the second largest island of Indonesia. The island is longest when traversed from the North-West to South-east side of the equator. It is spread over an area of 443,066 kilometer squares and 171,069 square miles.

5. Baffin Island:

The largest island of Canada, Baffin Island lies in the territory of Nunavut on the eastern side of the Baffin Bay. The island also contains two largest lakes. It is also the part of Qikiqtaaluk region like Ellesmere Island. It covers an area of 507,451 kilometer squares and 195,928 square miles.

4. Madagascar:

The island is situated on the South-Eastern coast of Africa and lies in the Republic of Madagascar. The island comprises of several other islands. . It comprises of an area of 587,713 kilometer squares and 226,917 square miles.

3. Borneo:

This is another Indonesian island but is larger in area than Sumatra. It lies on the northern side of Australia. The island is actually divided between three countries where Indonesia has 73%, Malaysia has 26% and the rest 1% is owned by the Brunei kingdom in the North coast. It is spread over an area of 748,168 kilometer squares and 288,869 square miles.

2. New Guinea:

The island is another Indonesian island that lies in the South-West side of Pacific Ocean. The island is mostly covered by the mountains some even 16,024 feet high. The island covers the total area of 785,753 kilometer squares and 303,381 square miles.

1. Greenland:

The largest island in the world, it lies next to Denmark between the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean. It is the least densely populated country covering an area of 2,130,800 kilometer squares and 822,706 square miles.